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Spinomenal "Grand Holiday"

Exciting festivities await you at!
Join the thrilling "Grand Holiday Tournaments" gaming spectacle presented by Spinomenal, commencing on September 28, 2023, and continuing until February 28, 2024.
Prepare yourself for an epic showdown as you vie for a portion of the impressive €500,000 prize pool.
Let the approaching holidays guide you towards the victory you've been eagerly anticipating!

1. Spinomenal Grand Holidays Tournament runs as follows:
▪️ Holiday Spirits (will take place in 2 rounds) - 28.09.23 GMT 00:00- 11.10.23 GMT 23:59; €40,000; 450 winners.
▪️ HalloWins (will take place in 3 rounds)- 12.10.23 GMT 00:00- 01.11.23 GMT 23:59; €60,000; 650 winners.
▪️ Wealth Seekers (will take place in 4 rounds) - 02.11.23 GMT 00:00- 29.11.23 GMT 23:59; €100,000; 850 winners.
▪️ Santa's Gifts (will take place in 4 rounds) - 30.11.23 GMT 00:00- 27.12.23 GMT 23:59; €100,000; 850 winners.
▪️ New Year Luck (will take place in 3 rounds) - 28.12.23 GMT 00:00- 17.01.24 GMT 23:59; €80,000; 650 winners.
▪️ Winter Fortunes (will take place in 3 rounds) - 18.01.24 GMT 00:00- 07.02.24 GMT 23:59; €60,000; 650 winners.
▪️ Festival of Love (will take place in 3 rounds) - 08.02.24 GMT 00:00- 28.02.24 GMT 23:59; €60,000; 650 winners.

2. The participating games are located in the section below.

3. Every round of each tournament offers its own prize pool, with an aggregate prize pool of 500,000 EUR throughout the entire Grand Holiday Tournaments.

4. Minimum qualifying bet per spin to participate in each of the tournaments is 0.2 EUR (“Minimum Qualifying Bet”). If the Minimum Qualifying Bet is not available on one of the participating games, the closest higher bet amount possible shall constitute as the Minimum Qualifying Bet for that game.

5. The Grand Holiday Tournaments are available during real-money play only.

6. If two or more players have the same number of points at the end of each round, the player who reached the points first will be ranked higher.

7. Each player participating in one of the tournaments will receive a unique tournament ID for the Leaderboard, per each currency that player plays with. Changing the currency during the duration of the Grand Holiday Tournaments may reset the player’s progress on the Leaderboard. Only finished spins will qualify for the Leaderboard.

8. Prizes for players playing the games with Cryptocurrencies will be displayed in EUR.

9. All material prizes may be paid in a money equivalent.

10. Wins from free spins awarded to the player by the operator will not qualify in this Tournament.

11. Spinomenal reserves the right to amend or suspend the Grand Holiday Tournaments or any one of the individual tournaments at any time for an indefinite period of time.

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